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Rocking Crib blue- Beige

Rocking Crib blue- Beige

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This bassinet is the modified crib, and you could also call it portable travel crib, which is much lighter than traditional wood crib. Many parents start their children in a crib, but bassinets are another option for newborns. A lightweight aluminum frame is the infrastructure for this innovative and modern sleep cot. So it's new design and materials attract new daddy and mom. In the day time, your little one could stay in the bassinet and have a quick snap or sleep faster. At night, this bedbeside bassinet would not disturb grown-ups'sleeping, and also could pay attention to the moment of little ones' need. The washable cloth and quick fold, easy-clean mattress is a big plus for parents. What a considerate bassinet for parents and children! COME AND GET ONE<br>


EASY TO CHANGE INTO ROCK LEGS:In the very bottom of the whole bassinet,there are two bars with arc.The grow-ups could effortless to change the arc direction to swing bed and lock the bed.So please pay attention to your baby when the bassinet is on the rock condition, =do not leave him or her alone<br>

WHEN TO USE NECESSARY BASSINET:To be a new daddy and a new mom,stay with your little one and keep eyes on him is the most important thing.This bassinet makes it come true,when you reading,doing laundry,sleeping or even traveling<br>

UNTROUBLESOME FOLDABLE DESIGN:It is super save-time assembling that you need to do is to push legs frames and pull up the handrails,done!When needing folding, which would be more easily<br>

AIRY MESH ON ALL SIDES:There is cushion pack connected with bed by zipper.If grow-ups take this pack away, you could see the bed part is embraced by airy mesh,which enables your little one to get airy snapping and sleeping place in summer<br><br>

HANDY WASHABLE MICRO FIBER: With high craftsmanship and a classical appearance, this bassinet still manages to have a high degree micro fiber to touch babies'skin lightly and carefully. Each baby with delicate skin needs to be cared in high quality baby products. And this washable material could keep clean always for child<br>

Material: Micro fiber and aluminum tube<br>

Size: 37.5'' X 23.0'' X 28.0''<br>

Size of upper part: 34.0'' X 20.0'' X 16.0''<br>

Size of carrying bag: 22.5'' X 9.0'' X 20.0''<br>

Thickness of mattress: 0.8''<br>